Hair Raising Decision

There are probably as many ways to wear hair on your face as on your head, and ever experimental men have, over time, explored every potential sequence in and out of the book–Moustaches, goatees, sideburns and even the thick untamed battlefields of hair left for nature to develop on their own–all employed eagerly to alter their appearance for the better.

Beards were trendier a few years ago but have since been considered come and gone like faded denim shirts and stiff one-foot-each silk polka dot collars from the 70’s.

On a second note, however, since when do we as men succumb to the will of here today, gone tomorrow fads? The common belief that we simply don’t have the patience gives us a much looked-for edge. The fact is that keeping up with fashion is almost impossible. Even when it seems as if you’re on the cusp, you’re still way behind. And besides, do we really care if we have Sean Connery’s perfectly trimmed designer stubble, Jake Gyllenhaal’s hip fuzz and Ryan Reynold’s current turf to look up to?

With these icons in mind, we’ll blatantly ignore the ‘fad’ and grow a beard! Now the only way to determine if stubble is right for you is to simply give it a chance and grow some. If those new strands make you look more hideous than handsome, let the razor get to work and pretend like it never happened. But if facial fur seems to correspond with your personality, and you don’t look that bad after all, let it dwell.

But this does not mean you’re done. You now have to decide from the long list of beard types that range from a smart tuft of hair to the half shaved, half furry face. You won’t run out the possibilities soon so you have to keep trying until you find The Look you’ve been waiting for; whether it’s the impeccable Mughal extraordinaire or the classic wizard white—the possibilities never quite end!

For men suffering form the baby-face syndrome, or those who have a nasty double chin, or no chin at all, and for those who loathe the round jawed guy staring back at them form inside the mirror, just like all other fashion accessories, good stubble can do wonders. More facial hair is bound to make you look manlier; handling your double chin with extra care. And quite amazingly it can even make your jaw look more angular, like the ones you see on the faces of those B movie heroes- which, of course, isn’t a bad thing at all!

Just remember that growing a good beard, just like anything else of importance, is an ongoing process that requires maximum attention in order to garner maximum results and that there’s a fine line between feral outgrowths of facial hair and an elegant stubble, so try your best not to cross over. Also, depending on genetics, you will amass facial hair faster or slower, so you don’t really have to go running to your stylist crying over how hairy or hairless you are. Be patient. It’ll grow one day or another!

A classic never goes out of style. Unlike those other erratic trends, stubble knows no season. Circa anytime, stubble will retain the same cool yet elegant, hot yet sensible reputation it’s managed to over the years.