It’s hot… and trendy: An overview of the fickle trends that have bounced in fashion and lured us with their appeal

It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s the summer of 2005, just like every other summer in this part of the world. Others envy the way sun shines on us but we would rather run away from these long and painful days. By this time, the rest of the world has taken a shower of the dry leaves of Autumn and plunging slowly towards the snowy winter breezes. And here, most of us would like to think that it’s almost over but its not, summer is never over, right?

So as it is quite obvious that the sun isn’t taking pity on you any time soon so might as well indulge yourself with a therapeutic wardrobe shopping spree to make it all a little bearable or at least a little enjoyable. There is a boundless variety of colours to choose from this season; every shade and hue in the book has made an entry into the fashion boundaries and one can just about wear anything and get away with it.

Yes, with no eyebrow raises, guaranteed! Whether you mix hot pink with electric green (sounds like a shocking combination but it is guaranteed to brighten up your day) or decide to show up at a wedding wearing you grandma’s otherwise boring grey sari from the ’50s, its all going to be in vogue. I personally think 2005 is all about contrast though. Strong, fresh, cheerful colours offset by neutral shades like white and beige and even black. Wear chocolate brown with green (which is very big this season; and there are so many shades to choose from that every skin tone can find the right green to suit them. Choose anything from lettuce to leaf green, emerald, olive or aquamarine) and electric blue with intense orange, deep purples with darker greens and baby pinks with black. And of course on lazy days around the house, a plain white embroidered kurta will do wonders as well. And kurtis have been all the rage this season, internationally. Ethnic pieces have traveled all over the world this time, gota kinari, kurtis and saris, all have made it to the international fashion this season.

Delicate embroidery is a classic that can’t go wrong as long as it’s done in style and in sober colour tones. The motifs usually range from paisleys, leaves and floral motifs.
Moving down, I’ve noticed girls wearing everything from the plain ol’ shallus to enormous Patialas to capris that end right below the knees. Cropped pants were a huge trend that came in this season and from boys to girls, all found that was not the right length for a pant. Though, capris that can easily be mistaken for shorts look rather awkward but variations in shalwars have been quite interesting. And with the invasion of prints, one don’t mind seeing more prints in lowers as well. Picture a soft floral/smudgy printed shalwar with a plain cotton shirt to wear around the house? Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s all good as long as it’s done with taste, and that’s what it all really boils down to in the end, right? So can’t wait to see what fashionistas have in store for us as the year goes down. It’s so refreshing to see people dress up and in Pakistan, that’s mostly women.

The erratic combo of floral, ornamented tunics and jeans is definitely out there, along with the big slits on sleeves. Wear short or micro sleeves to beat the heat and keep the neckline plain and simple. Select a more gypsy look though, and talking of gypsy, the trend was big this season. The gypsy skirts were a craze world over and many designers gave their own version of them.
Retro styles are brought right up to date with new fabrics and comfortable cuts. Along with the gypsy trend, a retro classic bohemian was another trend that made headlines thanks to Sienna Miller. Feminine charm and inspiration is the keynote of today’s fashion. With femininity taking centre stage, give preference to a subtly styled shalwar-kameez over your everyday jeans and tees.

Silk organza and light satin is set to continue as a fabric that dictates glamour and formal shine of the season. Fabrics with airy qualities such as fine laces, crochets and loosely woven linens are used in layered dressing, preferably with chiffon, in literally huge floral prints and multicoloured geometrics, both of which are a craze as far as prints are concerned. Plain cotton or khaddar shirts are matchless when the sun starts to beat down and the humidity meters touch 70. Wear them with silk dupattas and you’re already making a mark.
Also, you’ve probably noticed by now that gone are the accessory-less 90’s when schoolgirls had more stuff to don than a hardcore socialite. Today, you need to throw on the right amount of accessories to complete the look. Be it a pair of huge designer shades (dig out some generic yet exceptional ones from a local thela-stand and they’re just as good. Avoid light blues, yellows and pinks here because you don’t want to look like you just awoke from the year 2000. Deep greys, browns and plain blacks are perfect though); vintage leather belts in red, white and brown to go with your classic blue pair of Levis; or a stand out extra large silk scarf to complement your individuality.

Brooches are also big right now with local fashion fanatics as vintage trend is making its presence felt on the international circuit. Huge accessories on petite girls are just not right so be extra careful when you choose your brooch.
All in all, the hot season (that continues) has so far been about the relaxed, nonchalant look – expressed by the random mixing and matching of diverse retro styles through decades. With this, the more prominent reinterpretations of 50s and early 60s themes have quite successfully added an absolutely fresh appeal to female fashion. So enjoy the diversity of this season and let your trends shine through!