Summer Blues to Summer Dos

There are better things to do this summer than hogging the couch all day and watch non-stop television if you don’t have any exciting travel plans!
Planning activities with your kids to beat the boredom can be a great idea, especially if you’re busy throughout the year and only have these few weeks to spend quality time with them. The activities should be fun, entertaining, and allow for a good amount of bonding time…just like the ones we’ve rounded up for you here!
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of these inspiring activities happening near you and turn your summer blues into summer dos! From learning to play an instrument and Bollywood style thumkas to getting in shape the fun way and perhaps even getting in touch with your inner cook!

MAD (Music Art Dance) SCHOOL

Feeling the need to get in touch with your artistic side this summer!? Join Nida Butt’s MAD School and its exciting summer camps that bring together an action-packed combination of performing arts, music and arts & crafts, to ensure you connect with your inner artiste and your children get the very best out of the school holidays!
WHERE: Zam One, Main Zamzama Road, Karachi.
Adjacent to Domino’s Pizza. Parking space available.
WHEN: First session starts 6th June; second session starts 4th July (All Programs are 4 weeks long)
WHO CAN JOIN: Programs available for Children (ages 6 – 12) Youth (ages 13 – 18) and Adults (ages 18+)
1. Musical Theatre Camp: Study Acting, Singing & Dance

The Musical Theatre program offers hands on experience to budding performers. Acting class students will explore movement, script and character analysis, vocal technique and improvisational techniques. The Singing class will include vocal warm-ups and breathing techniques and the Dance class will teach 2 Broadway style routines.
This is an excellent program for boosting your confidence and developing skills that are essential to becoming a proficient performer in musical theatre.

Timings for Under 12: Mon Tue Thu Sat: 11:00am-12 noon OR Mon Tue Thu Sat: 12:15-1:15pm
Timings for Over 12: Mon Tue Wed Thu: 1:30-2:30pm OR Mon Tue Wed Thu: 2:45-3:45pm

Program Instructors: Faraz Lodhi, Hamza Jafri, Sehrish Ali & Nida Butt

2. Dance Camp: Explore Hip Hop, Poppin ‘n Lockin & Yoga

The Dance Camp focuses primarily on Hip Hop and Poppin ‘n Lockin , with additional specialty classes in Bollywood and Break dancing for those who are interested. Classes are geared towards learning choreography and preparing routines. An essential hour of yoga each week provides gentle stretching and exercise for dancers to get their body used to the physical work-out involved.

Timings for Under 12 : Mon Wed Thu Sat: 4:00-5:00 pm
Timings for Over 12: Mon Wed Thu Sat: 5:15-6:15 pm

Program Instructors: Sehrish Ali & Maha Abbas

3. The Music Camp: Study Guitar, Percussion & Singing

The Music Camp offers you the opportunity to learn and improve your skills on guitar, percussion and vocals. With 2 hours of guitar a week and an hour each of percussion and singing, children will learn the fundamentals of music, rhythm and singing. The program will allow them to play and learn with other students and teachers in a friendly and creative curriculum-based environment.

Timings for Under 12: Mon Tue Wed Thu: 11:00am-12:00pm OR Mon Tue Wed Thu: 12:15-1:15pm
Timings for Over 12: Mon Tue Wed Thu: 1:30-2:30pm OR Mon Tue Wed Thu: 2:45-3:45pm

Program Instructors: Hamza Jafri. Joshua Fernandes & Sehrish Ali

4. Arts & Crafts Camp: All things artsy & crafty! (only available in June for ages 3-8 only)

Get your child’s creative juices running with this fun, colourful program! Activities include: Newspaper bag making, Clay molding , Painting clay pots , How to grow a plant , Picture frame making , Fridge magnet making using dough , Jewelry making, Painting on paper according to age, Piñata making , Scrap booking , Paper weight making ,Key chain making , Fabric painting (on a t-shirt) , Crepe flower making, Storage box decoration & Press leaf painting.
Extra Fun each Thursday with a Monkey show, a Magic show & Movies.

Timings for group: Mon Tue Wed Thu : 10:00am-1:00pm DAILY

Program Instructors: Hawra Harianawala & Nuriya Moosajee

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone: 021-35869016 and 0336 235 0775
Email: [email protected]
Whether you’re an explorer at heart and want to discover the city you live in with a bunch of like-minded people, or you simply want to play a small yet essential part in saving the environment: Critical Mass is the club to join this summer!
Critical Mass Lahore started over two years ago and is a movement to raise awareness about the environment, clean air, public transport, and the importance of public spaces and recreation. It’s a collection of Lahoris of all ages who gather each week to discover another part of Lahore on cycle. Today, there’s a Critical Mass Islamabad and Critical Mass Karachi as well, and according to Rafay Alam, the Lawyer/Environmentalist who brought the club to Pakistan, “It’s awareness that prompts change, and Critical Mass is about appreciating our cities as places for people. We may not be able to achieve such a goal in this lifetime, but we can be part of the process. And what if we enjoy ourselves in the process?” You’ll find Critical Mass events in over 200 cities around the world, so by joining this gang of fun & adventurous environmentalist, you’ll actually be becoming a part of a global movement!

WHERE: Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad
WHEN: During the summer, the group meets up at 5pm every Sunday and cycles till sunset
WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone with a road worthy cycle and a sense of adventure!
WHAT YOU’LL NEED: A road worthy cycle

Rafay’s advice: “There are alot of Chinese sports cycles in the market. While they are cheaper than others, they are less reliable. If you go for a Chinese sports bike, the best thing to do is to invest in a new set of tubes for your wheels as well as new pedals. The frame is sturdy and if the gears aren’t played with too much, the cycle is a pretty good ride. However, I prefer the locally made Sohrab cycles. These may not be cool to look at, but they are comfortable, require little or no servicing and will be the best 6k you invest in your life.”

FEES: There are no fee structure or membership requirements whatsoever
INTERESTING STORIES: Rafay: “Plenty. We’ve been stopped by security check posts so many times that most of the constables know us by face. The traffic wardens certainly do and, on some occasions, give us protocol (one officer in front, two in the back of the group). We’ve travelled to Jallo, Ravi Siphon, Jehangir’s Tomb and Shalimar Gardens, and each one of these visits has its own epic stories. We’ve been featured in local and international media. Even on Chinese TV!”
Karachi: Email: [email protected]
Lahore: Facebook:
Islamabad: Phone: 0300-8048799 or 0300-4267818

Josh is a choreographer from Australia, trained in Bharatnatyam and modern contemporary dance, and her Bollywood dance classes will be an incredible & uplifting experience for anyone who wants to get in shape during the summer the fun way! By joining these one hour classes, you will not only sweat those extra pounds away, you’ll also laugh a lot and connect with others who share your love for dance.
Bollywood dance is a fun and expressive combination of classical Indian dance and folk dancing. Combining the two, Josh has taught and performed Bollywood dance in Melbourne and Sydney, and this is your chance to learn all the right moves from the star of ‘Get fit with Bollywood Dance’ DVD herself!
WHERE: ActOne Dance Studio, 2nd Floor, Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Building, Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, DHA Phase 6, Karachi
WHEN: Tuesday & Thursday, 8:15pm to 9:15pm
WHO CAN JOIN: No joining criteria! At the ActOne Studio, you will find twelve-year-old girls and 60+ women in the same class. Men, women, boys & girls are all equally welcome and everyone works out according to their own pace
OTHER FUN STUFF: Joshinder has choreographed three Flashmobs this year organized by ActOne. Although there isn’t one scheduled at the moment, you can join the ActOne page on Facebook to stay updated with what’s happening. The Flashmobs are all about creating unity through dance, and according to Josh, “They’re an extremely fun to be a part of and the positive energy is electric!”
CHOOSE BETWEEN: In addition to Joshinder’s Bollywood dance & workout classes, ActOne Studio also offers more than 10 other forms of Arts and Wellness, including Ballroom Dancing, Salsa-jive, Hip Hop, Zumba, Pakistani regional dances, Indian classical dance, Power yoga, Aerobics, Kick boxing as well as acting classes.
FEES: For Bollywood dance with Joshinder: Rs 3500 for an 8 class course
Phone: 0333-311-3060
Email: [email protected]


Do you love taking pictures but hate how they never seem to come out right? Well, it’s about time you learned to capture moments on film with pictures that aren’t overexposed or blurry. Agha Abbas and Vajdaan School of Creative Arts are offering short courses that are designed to help amateurs better understand the working of the equipment, technical information and how to recognize the demand of a project immediately. And that’s not all; you can even sign up for a comprehensive filmmaking workshop where Agha Abbas, the man who has shot and directed over 500 episodes of television content and is a member of the visiting faculty at three universities, will teach you everything from pre-production to post, and everything in between!

WHERE: Vajdaan School of Creative Arts
Suite 1, 1st floor, Plot No.18-C, Khayabaan-e-Jami. Phase VII, DHA, Karachi
Photography: The photography courses are modular and weaved according to each student’s requirement. Students are advised to call in for an assessment session, and Vajdaan usually offers two 3-hour sessions a week

Filmmaking: Vajdaan’s ‘Summer Specials’ are going to be up on the website by the first week of July. The main attraction is an amazing 2-month hands-on film workshop where students will actually get to learn and work in all departments of a real 50-70 minute film production. This shall be done with four 5-hour sessions a week
WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone with an artistic flair and an itch to get to know their cameras better!
WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Photography: A digital camera with manual exposure control with a tripod
Filmmaking. Just stationary, Vajdaan provides everything else
1. Beginners Photography Workshop
The beginner’s photography workshop consists of 50 hours of hardcore learning in two different programs including the 2-weeks super-intensive and a 6-week workshop for those easy on time. This course will help amateur photographers understand the technical details of manual exposure over-ride, control, light, lens apertures and shutter-speed, and prepare you to capture a lifetime worth of memorable images!

2. The Advanced Amateur workshops
The advanced amateur workshop individually focus on different aspects of photography and has been designed for particularly those who are familiar with the operations of a manual DSLR. The Advanced Amateur is a workshops developed for an enthusiast who is familiar with the basics of photography and is now willing to enter the semi-professional arena.
The three workshops being offered in this category include:
-Lighting Techniques

3. Filmmaking Workshop
The filmmaking workshop is offered in an 8 week and a 12 week program. This course will include hands-on training sessions, working with broadcast equipment and visiting film studios and television channels to see just how things operate in the real work environment. In addition to the above the students will be required to make three short films which will form a part of their portfolio when they leave.
FEES: Photography: Beginners: 50-hour course: 50k
Advanced: 50-hour course: 50K
Filmmaking: Summer Special: 85K
Phone: 0300 823 6768
Email: [email protected]



PCI—Poppy’s Culinary Institute provides programs which aim to develop culinary skill, menu planning, cuisine development and basic culinary discipline. The skills developed range from basic courses for private individuals to professional training of the highest standard for aspiring cooks and chefs.
By joining Poppy Agha and her students as they work their way around the kitchen is not only going to be a enjoyable way to spend those free summer hours, it’s going to give you or your kids a chance to brush on you skills in the genre of mouthwateringly delicious Fusion cuisine!
WHERE: 1st Stadium Lane, Khe-e-Shamsheer, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi
WHEN: Fun Classes for summer will take place every Saturday starting from June 11th from 12:00pm – 2:00pm and 4:00pm – 6:00pm
WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to make a wide array of menus, comprising of a variety of cuisines
The Basic level course is aimed at students who wish to develop their craft in the form of cookery. This is not exclusive to the professional chef, but is more suitable for anyone who wants to cook while learning all the techniques as well as the basic kitchen skills that need developing.
Upon completion of the basic course, students become applicable to enter the advanced level course, which is more about advanced menu planning and execution.
There are also lots of fun classes which people can sign up for. These are aimed at those who want to have fun whilst cooking, learn how to cook for themselves, and gain a basic understanding of the world of cuisine. In a fun class, the students learn about the dishes they create as well as cooking and trying them out in the end. This class is aimed at groups who wish to cook together, or the single cook who just wants to have a good time.
Fun learning is also promoted via Easy to cook classes. In these smaller classes, menus are taught so the aspiring home chef can learn all about cookery and its aspects.
The Basic and Advanced course information is only available on request, and new openings will be posted on PCI’s Facebook page in June.
Examples of some the classes that will be taught are:
-The perfect Italian meal – Single session
-Cooking for kids – Single session
-Menu Planning – Single session
-The perfect Thai meal – Single session
FEES: Provided upon request
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone: 021 35841810
Email: [email protected]

How about making your summer a tad productive by learning to speak a new language!?
When you think about learning a new language in Pakistan or otherwise, you think about Berlitz. The institution has a rich historical tradition that dates back a century, and their innovative approach of language training has literally revolutionized the way languages are taught around the world. Whatever your age…whatever your language of interest: Berlitz has the right program for you!
WHERE: Lahore & Karachi
WHEN: Summer camps for kids during June & July, and regular courses for everyone throughout the year
WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone interested in learning a new language! The only official requirement is a high school certificate for the adult programs
1. BERLITZ KIDS: Summer camps during June and July will help kids aged 4-13 learn to speak English or any other language of their choice the same way they learned their first language – by laughing, playing and eventually conversing! The summer camp and other kids’ courses focus on songs, crafts, games and illustrations that are used to build a child’s confidence and increase cultural awareness.
2. BERLITZ ADULTS: A huge variety of programs available from a very basic beginner level course of 36 hours to fast paced 2-3 week language proficiency programs for people on the go. Berlitz offers anything and everything to suit your preference; from short courses during the summer to long, extensive courses that may last a few months or even years!
LANGUAGES OFFERED: Berlitz offers courses in every language under the sun, whether it’s something as popular as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic or something a little more complicated such as Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Bahasa Indonesia.
INSTRUCTORS: Almost all courses are taught by native speakers
FEES: There are no fixed fees at Berlitz. Students are advised to visit the center and meet a customer advisor, who will customize a program specific to your needs and advise you about the fee structure accordingly.
Karachi: Address: Suite 105-107 Progressive Center Shahrah e Faisal
1st Floor, 94-C, Khayaban-e-Ittehad Phase 2 Ext, DHA
Email: [email protected]
Phone (UAN): 111-237548
Lahore: Address: 37 A/II, Gulberg III
Phone (UAN): 111-237548


Sea View, in Karachi has been the most famous equestrian venue for the past 50 years. The Equestrian Club of Pakistan provides horse riding and Polo lessons all year round at the beach on beautiful horses and ponies, and this summer would be the perfect time for horse lovers to join the club and brush their skills at what is perhaps one of the most elegant sport ever!
WHERE: Sea View, Karachi
WHEN: Throughout the year
WHO CAN JOIN: Kid of age 4 and above and all horse loving adults!
The Equestrian Club of Pakistan is dedicated to providing a high standard of horse riding and horse riding instruction for adults and children, from five years of age and older.
We offer group horse riding for all levels, semi-private riding for couples or small private groups or private one to one lessons. ECP have a dedicated team of staff who escort and teach riders on lesson-rides by the beach. We teach all levels from complete beginners to advanced dressage.
During the introductory lessons, we will lead you, in a group lesson with other new polo players, through a graduated programme of learning the rules and tactics, the polo swing and polo riding on a polo pony that is geared to your level of riding experience.
You will then move on to some ‘stick and ball’ practice at hitting the ball from the pony and have some fun! After the basics you can take part in additional Instructional Chukkas. You can further develop your new found skills with other players who are also just getting started in the sport.
INSTRUCTORS: Farah Razzaq, Amanullah (Polo) & Zafar (Horse Riding)
SAFETY: All horse riding is accompanied by escort/instructors, especially for novices, who are kept safely on a lead rein with the instructor. ECP provides horses that are as safe as possible while maintaining an enjoyable and fun attitude to riding and learning equestrianism at all levels.
FEES: Horse Riding: Rs 500 per class
Polo: Rs 2000 per month + 500 per class
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone: Amanullah: 0300 2043210
Email: [email protected]

Have you ever wondered what the coastline of Karachi looks like—underwater!? Well, now is your chance to find out! Indus Scuba is the first and only PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) authorized dive center in Pakistan, and they’re offering a wide range of courses ranging from introductory sequence for kids and adults, and also internationally recognized diver courses ranging from open water diver that certifies you to dive independently with your friends anywhere in the world, as well as professional divemaster level courses. So what are you waiting for? Put on a wetsuit and sign up to take a plunge you’ll not be forgetting anytime soon!

WHERE: C-23, Bokhari Commercial Street 5, Off Saba Avenue, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi
WHEN: All marine activities recommence in September, right after the monsoon season ends
WHO CAN JOIN: Children above 8 years for the kids’ activities and everyone with a love for adventure for the scuba diving/snorkeling course

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Indus Scuba dive shop is well stocked and offers top of the line equipment for purchase or rent at reasonable prices along with good advice for beginners
CHOOSE BETWEEN: (For beginners)
This course introduces you to Snorkeling. Many people have looked under the waves with a mask and snorkel but there are many things to learn about snorkeling in order to get the most out of this exciting, fun activity. The course is structured to progress you from your current level, experienced or otherwise. We spend time on choosing the right equipment, explaining safe snorkeling rules and teaching techniques to make snorkeling fun and easy.

Skin diver is a longer course, covering some basic principles of physics and physiology and their relevance to snorkeling activities. A series of snorkeling skills are taught and on successful completion a PADI Skindiver certification is awarded. The course takes approximately three to four hours and is open to 8 year olds and above.

Kids can learn to dive too and are often braver than their parents when it comes to taking the plunge and trying scuba diving! The Bubblemaker course is an introductory course aimed at kids who want to try scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. After watching a 30 min video, they will learn some skills in the swimming pool and have time to get comfortable with the equipment. Under the supervision of a PADI Instructor, practice swimming underwater with full scuba gear, keep blowing plenty of bubbles and learn some cool tricks.

Discover SCUBA includes an audio-visual and a video about diving. You then go in our warm indoor pool, with an instructor, in full SCUBA gear. Everything is set up for you and your instructor will make any necessary adjustments to make you comfortable. You will experience breathing underwater, and the weightlessness that diving offers. “Discover SCUBA” takes approximately one and a half hours.

This includes three stages: Knowledge Development which covers theory; Skill Development – Confined water Waves, where the real fun starts and students get to dive in easy, warm, controlled, well supervised conditions; and finally Open Water Dive – In the open sea.
To complete the full PADI Open Water certification, students need to do 4 Open Water dives with a PADI Instructor.
SAFETY: Indus Scuba’s diving team and instructors are professional divers with unmatched experience, and take every possible step to ensure that you have a good experience and that all activities have a good provision for safety
FEES: Varies greatly for each course and skill level, so prospective students are requested to contact Indus Scuba for more information
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone: 021-35243153 and 021-35243163
Email: [email protected]