Documentary: Television & Digital

(2023) “Fighting for Imran Khan” for Al Jazeera Close Up
Credit: Director                    
What are the makings of a diehard Imran Khan supporter? As Pakistan grapples with continuing unrest, the short observational film follows a young devotee in the days leading up to the events of May 9, 2023, when thousands of protesters across Pakistan took to the streets to challenge the former PM’s dramatic arrest.

(2023) “Hijacked: Flight 73” for SKY / Blast! Films
Credit: Producer                       
A Sky Original documentary by Blast! Films and Sky Studios tells the story of one of the most shocking hijackings of all time and the political aftermath of the Pan Am 73 hijacking that took place on Karachi airport in 1986, which led to a series of events linked to the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. 15 years later.

(2023) “Transit” for Saad Zuberi Films
(*in Post-Production)
Credit: Producer / Director                    
A young Pakistani transgender woman seeks asylum in the Netherlands in pursuit of security, freedom and her identity – but will the new life be what she hoped for?

(2022) “China Rising” for OR Media UK / Al Arabiya / Netflix
(*in Post-Production)
Credit: Director – Pakistan        
A 6-part original series documenting China’s multi-billion-dollar investments in its Belt and Road Initiative. The Pakistan episode, focusing specifically on the social and economic cost of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been directed by me.

(2022) “FORSAKEN: Children of Minorities” for SOC Films / White in the Flag / National Commission for Human Rights
Credit: Producer / Director                    
A series of short docs highlighting the generational abuse and socio-economic discrimination experienced by the children of Pakistan’s religious minorities. The films also explore the psychological trauma of abuse on the basis of religious identity. Communities covered: Christian, Ahmadi, Hindu, Shia and Hazara.

(2022) “Bodyblow: Why Pakistan’s bodybuilders are dying” for VICE News   
Credit: Producer / Director
A look into the evolution of male image and culture of drug abuse in Pakistan’s underground bodybuilding community.

(2022) “Woman in Blue” for Saad Zuberi Films / Agahi Films (*in Production)
Credit: Producer / Director
In the midst of a gender terrorism epidemic in Pakistan, a young female police superintendent takes responsibility of protecting the capital city and its women by standing up against crime and patriarchy. 

(2021) “Voices from the Roof of the World: Collision Course” for Aga Khan University / Aga Khan Foundation
Credit: Producer
Climate scientists project that extreme heatwaves are up to seven times more likely to occur between now and 2050. Meet families that have to cope with deadly heatwaves and water scarcity in Karachi and those working for solutions.

(2021) “Sport Legacies” for Asian Games Foundation
Credit: Producer                       
A series of inspiring character profiles and stories on different sports and their positive impact on lives, societies and diplomacy across Asia.

(2021) “Lifeline: Inside Pakistan’s Morgues” for VICE News / Agahi Films
Credit: Producer/Director   
Karachi is home to the world’s largest voluntary ambulance service. The city has blindly depended on these first responders for help for decades, but the psychological impact of the job on these brave men and their families has remained largely unacknowledged.  

(2021) “Zainab’s Legacy” for Al Jazeera Witness
Credit: Producer
A grief-stricken father seeks justice after his seven-year-old daughter is raped and murdered in Pakistan.

*Nominated for an International Documentary Association (IDA) Award and One World Media Award 

(2021) “Babies Behind Bars” for Saad Zuberi Films
(*in Production)
Credit: Producer/Director
Documenting the life of seven-year-old twins born to an incarcerated mother while serving a 25-year sentence in Karachi Central Prison for drug peddling. The film follows the family’s life behind bars, in the year leading up to a time when the boys will have to leave their mother and go live in a world that is alien to them. According to Pakistan Prison Rules, children living in prison must be accommodated outside the prison before reaching the age of nine.  

(2019-2021) “Open Jirga” for BBC Afghanistan          
Credit: Executive Producer
Bi-weekly socio-political current affairs debate programme bringing political bigwigs and people in positions of power in direct contact with ordinary Afghans including women and ethnic minorities, disseminating crucial information, and encouraging them to ask hard-hitting questions about peace, progress and policies.

(2020) “A Life Too Short” for MTV Films / SOC Films
Credit: Producer / Co-Director
In 2016, Pakistan’s most controversial social media star Qandeel Baloch was killer in her own home by her own brother for their family’s honour. In her death, she became a national hero and the face of women’s liberation movement in the country. Her death, however, still remains a mystery.   

*Shortlisted for a DOC NYC Award and named a potential Oscar favourite for 2021

(2019) “Babies Behind Bars” for the Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners & Legal Aid Society
Credit: Producer / Director
Pakistan prison law allows incarcerated mothers to keep their children aged nine and under with them in prison while they serve their sentences. The short film looks at the lives of these children and how they pursue early education and prepare for a life in a world they haven’t seen or don’t remember.
(2019) “Juvi in Jail” & “Prison Paralegals” for the Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners & Legal Aid Society
Credit: Producer / Director
An independent project for CWP & LAS comprising of a series of mini documentaries filmed in Pakistani prisons highlighting the issues with Pakistan’s legal system and the organisations’ community engagement and social endeavours to tackle them.

*Special premiere screening at the World Bank, NYC

(2018-2022) “The Girl Who Blasphemed” for SOC Films
(*in Production)
Credit: Producer / Director
After spending nearly five years in prison, a 24-year-old woman became the first person in Pakistan to have been released on bail after being accused of blasphemy. The film follows her in the months following her bail as she struggles to connect with a world that has moved on without her. 

(2018-2022) “Un-Squashable: Jahangir Khan’s Story” for SOC Films
(*in Production)
Credit: Producer           
A biopic on Jahangir Khan, who has been dubbed the best sportsman that ever lived. Armed with his racket and multiple world records including a miraculous 5-year winning streak, the documentary takes a look at how he conquered the world of Squash in the 80s. 

(2018-2022) “Broken Men” for Saad Zuberi Films
(*in Production)
Credit: Producer / Director
An in-depth look at the many forms of mistreatment of, as well as lack of health and other facilities available to the hidden, disease-riddled underground LGBT community in Islamic societies.

(2017) “Pakistan’s Madrassah Challenge” for Mediacorp / Channel News Asia Singapore 
Credit: Producer
With unprecedented access inside one of Pakistan’s oldest and most notorious madrassahs, we investigate how the government’s call for reforms to curb extremism have not only served to cause a further divide between religious and secular groups, but also accusations and finger-pointing amongst official departments.

(2017) “Discarded Daughters” for SOC Films / VICE News
Credit: Producer / Script Writer
An investigation into the overbearing culture of boy preference and ensuing mistreatment of female babies and the dejected women who give birth to them – from abandonment to the grim truths behind forced illegal abortions and infanticide.

*Nominated for an Association of International Broadcasters (AIB) Award

(2017) “My Nation: Pakistan” for Round Room Image for The New York Times  
Credit: Producer
An immersive travel series hosted by second generation American immigrants who travel back to their home countries for the first time to reconnect with their roots.

(2016) “Woman (with Gloria Steinem)” for SOC Films / VICELAND
Credit: Co-Producer
At the intersection of violence and stability, of progress and oppression, are women. Gloria Steinem guides us to the women who are shaping not just their own future, but ours too.

*Nominated for a News & Documentary Emmy Award

(2016) “Killing for Honor: The Kohistan Story” for SOC Films / VICE News
Credit: Producer / Writer              
The film investigates one of Pakistan’s most perplexing honour killing cases, where eight young men and women were killed over a grainy cell phone video that went viral, and the surviving brother of the victims made it his mission to seek justice.

*The film was used to promote #nohonourinkilling and #priceofforgiveness campaigns designed by SOC Films to (successfully) push for legislative reforms regarding honour crimes in Pakistan.

(2015-2016) “Sulagta Sitara (Burning Star)” for SOC Films / ARY News Pakistan
Credit: Producer
A five-part TV documentary series each looking at a different Pakistani city and how its people have been affected by, and persevered through, bouts of violence and terrorism over the last decade.

(2015-2022) “Untitled” for SOC Films 
Credit: Producer
More than 80 polio health workers have been killed on the streets of Pakistan since 2012 as they go from door to door to vaccinate children against the disease. The film takes a close look into the lives of the brave women who continue to put their lives at risk despite threats to their lives.

(2015) “Choked Pipes” for Rockhopper TV US
Credit: Co-producer
The Choked Pipes of Pakistan’s healthcare system are being unblocked by the innovation and ambition of Dr Sania Nishtar, who takes us on a journey through the health system of the country where 73% of the population have no financial health coverage.

(2014 – 2016) “Listening Post” for Al Jazeera English UK        
Credit: Associate Producer / Translator
Production work on several episodes of Listening Post – a weekly show that critically examines and dissects the world’s media.

(2014) “Pakistan’s Polio Battle” for ITV News UK
Credit: Producer
Multiple news packages for ITV’s 6pm bulletin on Pakistan’s ongoing battle against polio virus as well as the militants intent on killing health workers who administer the vaccine. 

(2014) “Pakistan’s Hidden Shame” for Channel 4 UK
Credit: Associate Producer / Translator
A look into the sexual abuse suffered by the children living in the North-Western city of Peshawar in Pakistan.

*Winner of United Nations Association (UNA) Film Festival Grand Jury Award

(2014) “India’s Electric Dream” for Unreported World, Channel 4 UK
Credit: Associate Producer / Translator              
Indian government’s pledge to provide electricity for every village in the country could spell disaster for the environment.

(2013) “Slumkid Reporters” for Unreported World, Channel 4 UK
Credit: Associate Producer / Translator  
A group of remarkable children, who live in Delhi’s slums, run the only newspaper in the country campaigning on the problems faced by street children.

(2013) “Murder in God’s Name” for 101 East – Al Jazeera English UK
Credit: Associate Producer / Translator  
Blasphemy allegations have fatal consequences in Pakistan, yet some are risking their lives to press for reform.

*Winner of the UN Human Rights Press Award

Documentary & Digital Videos: Corporate & CSR

(2016) “Qandeel Baloch: A Very Short Story” for Global Citizen Foundation      
Credit: Producer / Co-Director / Writer  
Narrated by Madonna, this short film to remember Pakistan’s controversial social media celebrity who was killed for honour by her brother, was played in front of 60,000 people in Central Park, NYC, at the Global Citizen Festival 2016.  

(2015-2016) “Lighting Up Lives” for Pepsi & Litre of Light     
Credit: Producer / Co-Director
A series of short videos that tell the story of how Pepsi & Litre of Light’s #Lightinguplives campaign has impacted people and entire communities that live without electricity.
Jalozai Refugee Camp – 2.4 million views; Master Ayoub Street School – 1.2 million views; Tharparkar Desert Women’s Training Center – 1.2 million views; Mubarak Fishing Village Footballers – 1 million views; Shantinagar Puppet Theatre – 250,000 views 

(2016) “Lyari Boxing Girls” for TED Foundation / Lifetime     
Credit: Producer / Co-Director  
In the gang war infested neighbourhood of Lyari, one man has brought a group of young girls together to channel their frustration and punch through gender barriers in Pakistan’s first female boxing club.  

(2016)  “Ideas For A Better Tomorrow” for Gul Ahmed IDEAS         
Credit: Producer / Co-Director  
A series of CSR / public service message videos to incite social change – as part of the company’s ‘Ideas for a better tomorrow’ campaign. Mother’s Day – 526,000 views; Girls Boxing Club – 1.2 million views; Girls Night Cricket Tournament – 551,000 views; Teacher’s Day – 602,000 views

(2016) “Pakistani Olympians” for SOC Films  
Credit: Producer / Co-Director  
Short videos to promote women’s participation in sports in Pakistan and celebrate the athletes who qualified for Rio Olympics in 2016. Olympians covered included Lianna Swan, who represented Pakistan in Women’s Swimming and Minhal Sohail, who represented Pakistan in Shooting.

(2015) “Legal Aid Society” for Legal Aid Society         
Credit: Producer / Co-Director  
A series of fundraiser videos highlighting the outreach and impact of the work by an organisation that provides free legal aid to juveniles, women and men falsely accused and doing time in Pakistan’s major prisons.             

(2015) “Child Life Foundation” for Child Life Foundation       
Credit: Producer / Co-Director
Short fundraising video for CLF that provides free medical care to nearly 1 million needy children in Pakistan every year.

(2015) “Old Customs House Karachi” for Citizens Archive of Pakistan
Credit: Producer / Co-Director  
Documented the renovation of Old Customs House in Karachi. Whilst preserving an important historical and cultural heritage building, a group of responsible citizens of Karachi are proudly reclaiming their space and taking ownership of their city.